Is Your Product/Service a Want or a Need?
And why it matters.

Products and services can for the most part be categorized as a want or a need. Plumbers are usually a need, as in I need to get this leak fixed. Chocolate is for the most part a want, as in “I would like some chocolate” (however due to an extreme chocolate addiction,   chocolate is a need for me on a daily basis)

There are certainly different strategies to take in marketing your distinct product based on whether it is a want or a need. You may take into consideration age, gender, income, location, interests, budget, etc. This can lead to many different advertising vehicles that fulfill your objectives.  Whether your preferred method is billboards, print, pay-per-click, social media, radio, TV, Out-of-Home or any of the endless options, a consistent branding effort should be a focus.

Ok, back to wants and needs. Branding your company will build awareness and make your company top-of-mind. Now how does that relate to wants and needs?