What We Have Here Is A Failure To Communicate

The title of this post is from the movie “Cool Hand Luke”. Those of you who have been on this earth for quite a while like me, most likely recognized that line immediately. If you are young and have never heard of it, give it a look, you’ll like it.

Anyway, what does that have to do with advertising. Well, communication is the key to getting things done, right? And if you do not communicate your offerings in a way that consumers feel meets their requirements or solves their issue, they probably won’t be doing business with you.

However, the most crucial part of communicating is DOING IT! So if you are not communicating to your customers or prospective customers on a regular basis (everyday), you are losing power.

This communication can be via Social Media, or advertising or events or any other brand exposure. The main thing is to do it today and every day. Not advertising during your slow time, is exactly the wrong thing to do. You want to have your brand top-of-mind when your busy time starts. To begin building awareness for your brand during your busy time is too late. Also for every day you are not reaching out to prospects and customers, one of your competitors is.

A good example of constant brand exposure is Coca-Cola. I would venture to guess that almost 100% of the US population over 5 years old is familiar with Coca-Cola. So why do they keep spending so much money on advertising? I mean, come on, they could take a year off and put an extra BILLION dollars in the bank. I think all their shareholders would love that! They don’t do it because they know this simple fact,

“Failure to remain visible and engaged with your audience

almost certainly leads to lost or declining revenues.”

So whether you wrap your vehicle ( one of my favorites) use Social Media, do some broadcast media or print, or of course utilize the world’s greatest advertising, bathroom billboards, make sure you have a presence in your market EVERYDAY.